6th November 2019

West Midlands Police is Opus Claim Solutions' longest-standing customer and we are delighted to announce the partnership has been extended with a new contract following a rigorous tender process.

‌Since 1994, Opus Claim Solutions has remained the preferred motor Uninsured Loss Recovery company of choice to support the 1500-vehicle strong fleet of the West Midlands Police Force.

‌At Opus Claim Solutions, because we never rest on our laurels, we are continually committed to ensuring that all our clients have gold-standard service from the word go. This includes the quality of the expertise, the reliability of our service and of course, our ongoing proven track record of success. We aim to understand what our clients need from us and we are undeterred from delivering it to them.

‌Loyalty, relationships and commitment matter to the Opus Claim Solutions team and that's why, once our clients find us and experience first-hand the difference we make, they remain with us.

‌After 25 years' service to West Midlands Police, we shall continue to work emphatically in the hope this incredible milestone is extended even further.