What is Uninsured Loss Recovery?

Often abbreviated to 'ULR', this is the process of recapturing costs and expenses you may have incurred as a result of a non-fault, or indeed partial-fault incident, from the responsible party. Such losses are 'uninsured' because they are not covered by your motor policy in the UK. Examples include;

  • Policy Excess
  • Repair Costs
  • Replacement Vehicle Charges
  • Independent Engineers Inspection
  • Damaged Goods
  • Loss of Income
  • Diminution / Loss in Value

However, not all costs may not be recoverable, such as early contract termination charges which should be claimed via your Gap Insurer, if you have such a policy in place. Expenses which are considered excessive or not mitigated, may also be irrecoverable.

‌All too often, ULR can be easily overlooked resulting in £0,000's of unclaimed losses

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‌Why do I need someone to carry out ULR for my organisation?

Your insurer may provide you with a basic recovery service as part of your policy, but in our experience, it never meets the demands for the fleet operator. Insurers do not have the necessary time, resources or experience to pursue each and every claim with the vigour it deserves. You will not receive anywhere near the amount of management information required to see the whole picture. At Opus, we strive to understand the complexities of your fleet business operation and what is important to you. This helps us to identify costs you may not have originally thought possible to recover.

‌Whether you sub-contract your fleet management or work with us direct, you'll be assured we are working tirelessly to recover as much money as quickly as possible for your organisation.

Do I need a legal expenses policy?

The short answer, is no. Since we began, our unique claims service includes litigation and we will never incur legal fees without your prior agreement. Every step of the process is assessed to ensure the financial merits are kept in check. The reality is that very few of our cases actually proceed to a full hearing, but are in fact, settled prior to this point. Using our expertise, we can guide you on which claims to litigate and which to continue to conclude via negotiation.

Why choose Opus?

ULR is something we have provided since 1991. We have continued to develop claims processes and evolve our in-house claims management system, listening to our customers feedback.

‌Nearly all of our staff have in excess of 10 years claims experience, so you can be assured your claims are in the best possible hands. We thrive on every recovery, whether it is £100,000 or just £5! Every avenue will be explored to ensure you recover as much as possible.

‌We assign dedicated claims handlers to every customer, who learn about you, your business and your processes. They are contactable directly, not though a convoluted telephone menu, always on hand to provide you with their utmost attention. Our extremely low staff turnover also provides you with unrivalled continuity of service.

‌If you need any further reassurances, we would be more than happy to provide you with customer references. After all, the proof of the pudding.....