First Notification of Loss is the process of reporting a new road traffic incident.

‌With a unique claims handling background, at Opus we believe FNOL is one of the most important processes of the whole claims cycle. The poor accuracy and low level of detail often obtained at this stage can result in significant claims costs escalation. Attempting to obtain key information further down the line can result in frustration and missed opportunities to control losses.

‌Our bespoke claims management system built entirely in-house, assists our team ask the right questions at the right time. 

Why is FNOL vital?

If a claim is reported too slowly it affects the entire claims journey, from validation, deployment of services and cost control of areas such as protracted vehicle repairs and costly hire car rates, to unpredictable personal injury claims and legal fees, as well as potential fraud. At Opus Claim Solutions, we know that the timing is critical and that is why we ensure that the FNOL process gets off to a head start.

‌Out of Hours

Accidents occur 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. To fulfil the need to repatriate drivers and their passengers quickly and safely, we have partnered with the same out-of-hours provider since 2013. 

‌Irrespective of the level of damage, the vehicle can either be taken to a destination of the drivers choice or moved to a place of safe storage until the following day.