Recovery of a wide range of property damage

At Opus, we do not just recover costs for motor vehicles, we also provide a similar service for damage to property.

‌For over 25 years, we have been supporting our customers by recovering costs relating to repaired or replaced property. Examples include traffic signs, bus shelters, telephone masts, barriers, lighting, fencing and seating. Perhaps you have incurred costs clearing up the Highway after an RTC, or you have had to cut-back over-growing trees belonging to residents property, these costs can, and should, be recovered back to the organisation.

‌With a dedicated claims handler appointed to understand your needs and compliment your operational processes, we can help you identify further potential costs to be recovered. Owing to the success of working with one department has meant our recovery service has been rolled-out to other departments. 

‌Extensive Claims Recovery Experience

 - ‌High Rate of Success -

‌Claims Information at your fingertips

As an Opus customer, you will always have access to up-to-date information on all of your claims. Whether you want to view a summary snap-shot, look up individual cases or download Management Information for other reports, you can be assured you know what's happening at any point in time.

‌Our full online portal is available at no additional charge to our customers.

Case Study: Bristol City Council

‌“We’ve been working with Opus Claims for over 4 years now and they have made a huge difference to our success in recovering losses. From the first moment we spoke to the team at Opus it was clear that they had a significant body of experience working with local authorities, understanding the challenges of our sector and the pressures we face. Opus are an asset to our department providing tireless pursuit of the losses we experience regardless of the duration of the claim process or the volume of work needed to ensure a successful outcome. When it comes to supporting us with losses for immobile property such as street furniture there is nobody better. These types of losses typically come with limited information with regards to the identity of the party responsible. Opus liaise directly with the local police and other agencies to establish exactly who should be contacted for the claim. Before working with Opus, we had previously experienced vast difficulties in negotiating settlement with insurers in respect of these recoveries. Now, with Opus handling these on our behalf, it has saved us huge amounts of time and improved both the number, and value, of recoveries significantly.”