If you have chosen to self-insure third party risks, you will need to ensure claims made against you are fair, reasonable and legitimate. When your driver has caused vehicle or property damage and potentially injured another person, you not only need to consider the financial burden but also your organisations reputation and brand image.

For over 20 years, we have conducted claims handling services for self-insured fleets, ensuring third party costs are controlled and mitigated. Our pro-active approach always puts you in the best possible position, as long as incidents are reported as soon as reasonably possible. Our replacement vehicle, repair and inspection facilities will have the third party vehicle repaired and back on the road swiftly without the need to incur additional costs and at pre-agreed rates.

‌Likewise, our team have extensive knowledge and expertise to handle claims for personal injury. Opus Claim Solutions is registered on the injury claims portal under reference D00264.

If necessary, we can arrange for claims to be defended in the event litigation is entered by the Claimant. Whilst we do everything we can to avoid such action, some cases deserve to be rejected because they are not documented correctly, are excessive or unreasonable. 

‌We also have the ability to consult various sources to check for claims which are considered suspicious or may be fraudulent.